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The editor accepts for consideration the materials appropriate to the subjects of the magazine, that are not contradicting to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and do not contain offensive remarks and hints addressed to anyone.
For free-of-charge publication, articles with the corresponding content to subjects which have been made out according to requirements are accepted. The materials containing advertisements including cryptic, are published as agreed with the editor and on a payment basis.

In the magazine Network-Journal publications on the following sections find their place:

    • Models and methods of choosing of the computer system structure,
    • Models and methods for basing hardware component choice of computer systems,
    • Models and methods for basing software component choice of computer systems,
    • Models and methods for analysing the functioning of data transmission channels and networks,
    • Models and methods for network organization of information supply,
    • Models and methods for the organization of computer system control,
    • Models and methods for determining the perfomance of computer systems,
    • Models and methods for determining the quality of network operation,
    • Research methods of network characteristics in computer systems,
    • Models and methods for the estimation of the reliability of computer systems,
    • Research methods of network traffic characteristics in computer systems,
    • Models and methods for optimizing network parameters when designing computer systems,
    • Experience in usage and exploiting computer systems,
    • Methods and means of securing data in computer systems,
    • Models of durability in computer systems,
    • Economical models for computer systems.

For the publication authors present the following files:

1. The text of the article to be published (not more than 10 printed pages) in two files (in RTF and HTML formats);

2. Accompanying files, figures, diagrams etc. with references from the article to be published are given in the JPEG format;

3. The summary to the published article (up to 15 lines) in two files (in RTF format and in the HTML format). In the case whereby the article offered for publication is written in a foreign language, the summary to it is written in Russian and in the original language;

4. Data on authors of the article to be published (a name, a patronymic, a surname, scientific degrees and ranks, a place of work and a post, domestic and service phones, a fax, e-mail and a home address).

Besides the following contents(printed by laser printer), should be sent by mail to the editor :

  1. The article to be published - 2 copies (one with signatures of authors);
  2. Summaries of the article to be published - 1 copy;
  3. Data on authors of the article to be published - 1 copy
  4. The text of the materials to be published is prepared in the languages which are supported by the magazine. The text in RTF-format is presented with the Times New Roman font,of the size 10.

An HTML-document should contain working references (if there are such). Drawings, figures, circuits, diagrams are represented in JPEG format. Formulas are prepared only in the form of separate figures in JPEG format (with use of the Word formulae editor).The article to be published is made out in the following way:

  1. the name of the article (capital letters, located on the centre of the line);
  2. surnames and the initials of the authors (lower case letters, under heading, located on the centre of the line);
  3. the organization, city, the country (lower case letters, under surnames, in brackets);
  4. the basic text;
  5. the list of the literature (surname, patronymic, name of the authors, the name of the work, the name of the edition, volume, number of the edition, the name of publishing house, city, pages where quoted materials are placed).

The articles are transferred by edition to reviewing in process of receipt, but at a positive response may be published only after reception by edition of the printed copies with signatures of authors.

The home telephone number, e-mail and the address is used by edition and are not subject to publicity.

It is necessary to send files with the materials to the e-mail address: The printed texts are sent to the address: Prof. Abrosimov L.I., MPEI(TU), VMSS, Krasnokazarmennaja street, Hse. 14, Moscow, 111250,

To the publication the following materials are not allowed:

  1. Files containing viruses.
  2. Articles sent only in one of the formats (either HTML, or RTF).
  3. Articles which are not appropriate to subjects of the magazine.
  4. Articles which have not been prepared according to requirements.
  5. Articles which have received negative reviews.
Editor is not responsible for the data published in the article and materials of advertising nature.